SEO Pricing

If you have come here looking for an SEO price list, prepare to be disappointed. We don’t have an SEO price list because each client is completely different. When you engage Safari Digital SEO Agency, you won’t get a display home that looks like every other house on your street.

Our SEO campaigns are designed from the ground up with your unique goals in mind. By doing this, we are able to cut out any unnecessary expenses that you don’t require. No two websites are the same, and no two websites have the same goals – so it doesn’t make sense to tar your business with the same brush.

Our SEO prices are dictated by the amount of in-house time and resources that are required to get you results. Some of the factors that will influence the cost of your SEO campaign include:

• The age of your website
• Your current website position
• The size of your market
• The competition in your market
• The location of your business (Local SEO competition)
• Previous SEO work

….. Just to name a few.

Everything we do is based around ROI. Our SEO campaigns are customised to ensure that you see a positive return on your investment.

No Cutting Corners, No Empty Promises

There are too many SEO specialists promising the world for £500 per month. The reality is SEO is a labour intensive task with a lot of moving parts. When done correctly, the costs associated with running an SEO business are high. Paying local wages, conducting comprehensive research, creating content, and obtaining links all take time and effort.

We are a small team of SEO professionals. We have low overheads, and we won’t drain your marketing budget if we think you’ve got cash to burn. If we believe that we can help your business to grow. If we do not, we won’t work with you.

There are too many agencies charging 100s of clients £500 per month and getting no results. Think about it. Those big agencies have 50-100 staff that all earn a decent income. Imagine how many clients they need to have paying £500 per month just to pay wages each month. Our prices are higher than the churn and burn agencies, but our results are night and day.

liam ridings safari uk director

Lasting Results, Not Endless Excuses

Good SEO is never cheap, and cheap SEO is never good. In 2021, the mantra rings true.

Agencies, freelancers, and offshore individuals offering cheap SEO services operate on volume or sales, not the success of your business. Because you are paying them so little, they need to manage a lot of clients. Which means that the amount of work that actually gets done is minimal. Or, even worse, no work gets done at all (sad but true).

Some of the risks of cutting corners with cheap SEO in the UK include:

• Short-sighted SEO strategies
• Outsourced SEO work with compromised results
• Blackhat SEO strategies that deliver volatility, not sustainability
• The do nothing (literally) and tell you otherwise

Just to clear the air. Just because you are paying a big agency £5,000 per month does not guarantee success. Your SEO provider should be upfront and transparent with their processes and strategies. If your SEO provider cannot articulate their process, then it might be time to reassess your options.

SEO That Helps Your Business Grow

Sustainable SEO solutions that drive long-term, sustainable growth for your business.