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The Tucson SEO Professionals

Ready to partner with an SEO Company in Tucson that delivers lasting results for your business? We understand the struggle; finding a digital marketing company that provides real results can seem like an impossible task. The Tucson SEO landscape is inundated with large digital agencies that are more interested in adding another number to their books than making a real difference to your business. In an industry overrun by ‘online marketing experts’ claiming to have the secret to Google visibility, how do you find a company that delivers results?

Safari Digital Tucson SEO Company is a dedicated search engine optimization agency in Tucson that works with small to large businesses to deliver substantial organic growth. We are staffed exclusively by SEO experts, which means that we don’t dabble in web design, Facebook ads, or Tik Tok marketing. We offer one marketing service and we do it really well.

Providing the best Tucson SEO services means delivering results that increase revenue and drive your bottom line. Rankings and traffic are great, but if they are not increasing business profitability and increasing the number of leads and sales you generate, they don’t count for much. More than enough Tucson SEO companies promise theoretical traffic improvements – we are not one of them. We focus on revenue-generating keywords that drive conversions.

In the same way that Google is constantly updating and evolving – so are we. Our approach to search engine optimization Tucson is evolving to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition. Our SEO consultants are constantly researching, reading, and testing so that we can anticipate how future algorithm updates will affect your website. As a dedicated team of SEO Tucson professionals, it’s our job to make sure our clients are ready for upcoming changes.

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Why Choose Our Tucson SEO Agency?

There are hundreds of companies across Arizona vying for your attention – so why should you consider us?

Safari Digital is a dedicated search engine optimization company. We offer one service, and we do it really well. There are more than enough full-service digital marketing agencies in Arizona – we are not one of them. We believe that a jack of all trades is a master of none, which is why we focus on providing the best SEO Tucson has to offer.

We are committed to helping small to large businesses to grow with a data driven approach to Arizona SEO services. Our in-house team of marketing professionals will identify how your target market is searching for your goods or services in Tucson and globally to develop a comprehensive organic marketing strategy.

Our specialist team of Tucson SEO consultants understand search engine optimization like few others do. Unlike our competitors, we focus on real, tangible results for your business. We know that theoretical traffic improvements don’t pay your staff or keep the lights on. For us, it’s about making a difference to your bottom line and establishing your Tucson company as a leader in your industry.

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Our Approach to Delivering the Best SEO in Tucson

Time-tested solutions combined with proven methodology. We don’t leave anything up to chance.The eight of a successful SEO campaign are transferrable to every project we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tucson SEO

Is SEO Still Effective?

It’s the million-dollar question. And if you’re looking to put your company on the front page in Tucson or across Arizona, it’s a big deal.

At the beginning of each year, we see a myriad of new articles from around the digital marketing universe claiming that SEO is no longer effective or that businesses in Tucson should invest their money in Google Ads or Social Media Marketing exclusively.

Here is what you need to understand: search engine optimization is continually changing and evolving. Nothing is ever quite where you left it and if you are implementing the same SEO strategies that you were using five or six years ago, you will fall behind.

Google is becoming more sophisticated, which means that your strategy needs to reflect these changes. The short-sighted tactics that were helping Tucson companies to get to the top of the SEO results five or six years ago are no longer effective.

Now, it’s about creating an organic marketing strategy that puts the user at the forefront of each decision that we make. Creating a positive on-site user experience is the most effective way to increase Google rankings and deliver continuing growth.

Do I Need an SEO Tucson Agency for my Business?

Maybe you do, or perhaps you don’t – it depends on a myriad of factors that will determine whether or not your business model is the right fit for SEO services.

The truth is you may be a good fit for our Tucson marketing services, or there may be a more effective way to spend your online marketing budget. Our SEO specialists will conduct a comprehensive audit and analysis to determine whether or not you are the right fit for our services.

Generally speaking, if your target market uses Google or other search engines to find the goods and services you offer, then SEO can help you grow. If your target market is more engaged in other online marketing channels like Social Media or YouTube – then you may be better off investing your money elsewhere.

We will provide a thorough analysis to determine whether your Tucson business is the right fit for our services. If we determine that you are a good fit – we will provide a strategy. If we believe that you should invest your money elsewhere, we will point you in the right direction.

How Does SEO Tucson Actually Work?

If you are on this web page, you are witnessing the power and efficacy of our SEO strategy firsthand.

You see, we have never invested a single dollar into social media marketing or any other online marketing channel. We put our money where our mouth is and implement the same Arizona SEO strategy that we use for our clients for our own business. If we didn’t know what we were doing, you wouldn’t be on this web page.

Search engine optimization is a repeatable process. Roughly 200 individual ranking factors are determining how your website appears in the Tucson search results pages. We consider a wide range of factors when implementing an SEO strategy, from keyword density to page load speed and a long list of off-site factors.

Based on your specific market and what your competitors around Arizona are doing, we will reverse engineer a customized strategy that puts your business in the driver’s seat.

We are here for business owners, start-up founders, and marketing managers. Whether you are looking to generate local leads from Tucson or to capture a national audience, we can create a strategy that makes it happen.

How Much Does SEO Tucson Cost?

Asking how much search engine optimization services cost is like asking how much a car costs. It depends on the quality and performance of what you are purchasing.

We are not the cheapest SEO in Arizona, and we would never pretend to be. There are more than enough digital marketing agencies in Tucson offering cut-price SEO services and then outsourcing your entire account overseas – we are not one of them. We take a limited number of clients at any one time to ensure that we never bite off more than we can chew.

Generally speaking, the cost of SEO in Tucson will start at $1,200 per month for a small business in a low-mid competition market and go up to $10,000+ per month for a large business competing in multiple competitive markets.

Some of the factors that will influence the price of SEO in Tucson include:

• The age and history of the website domain
• The current website metrics (Domain Rating/Domain Authority)
• The amount of new content required
• The competition within your market and your area
• The objectives and aspirations of your campaign
• The type of industry that you operate in

In truth, dozens of different metrics will determine the cost of an SEO Agency Tucson. The most crucial factor that we consider is the amount of time and internal resources that we will need to dedicate to your campaign. We provide transparent, upfront pricing and provide month-to-month contracts so that you are not locked into a long-term campaign.

What Makes A Website Perform Well on Google?

There are a long list of ranking factors that influence whether a website will appear number 1 in Tucson or number 20. The most important thing to remember is that the websites that were performing well in organic search 3-4 years ago are different from those performing well today. The companies and websites that are performing well in organic search are the ones that keep a close eye on the Tucson market and continually adjust their organic marketing strategy.

A recent study from SEO publication Moz found that the number one ranking factor for Tucson SEO is on-page keyword usage. That means understanding the right keywords to target based on market competition and intent and implementing an on-site SEO strategy that effectively targets those keywords.

We take the time to understand keyword trends, intent, competition, difficulty scores, and competitor keyword usage. Using this data, we will create an on-site strategy that makes your business stand out across Arizona.

Once we have all of the on-site elements in place, we look at the off-site factors such as backlinks. At the time of writing, the influence of on-site and off-site factors in how a website ranks on Google is roughly 50/50. We have a team of on-site and a team of off-site specialists that specialize in these different facets.

Why Choose An Agency that Ranks on Page 1 for SEO Tucson?

Ranking on page one of Google is proof of concept.

If we can rank on page one for SEO Agency Tucson, imagine what we can do for your business. Think about it; we are competing in the most competitive niche against other Tucson SEO services providers.

The easiest way to separate an SEO specialist that knows what they are doing from one that doesn’t is to check how they rank for their own keywords. If they are on page two or three for keywords related to organic marketing services – then that’s a pretty good indication of the results that you can expect from them.

There are plenty of Tucson SEO providers that are using Google Ads and Facebook marketing to sell their services. If they can’t rank their own agency on page one of Google for search engine optimization services – then they shouldn’t be trusted to do so for your website.

Can SEO Increase Brand Recognition?

Yes! Increased brand recognition is one of the most significant benefits of organic search marketing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to reach an audience in Tucson, Arizona, or have national or global ambitions – SEO marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve brand recognition at scale. As SEO specialists, our foremost goal is to get your website onto page one of Google for search terms that will increase business profitability. Our secondary goal is to grow your brand and ensure that you become a word-of-mouth hero that customers associate with the goods or services you offer in Tucson.

Think about it this way. If your website appears at the top of the organic results on Google and Bing, users will quickly associate your business with the goods and services you offer. Our Tucson SEO services will put your business on page 1 for search terms that increase revenue AND brand recognition.

How Come My Competitors in Tucson Are Ranking Above Me?

A wide range of factors influence where your website will appear in the organic search results. If you have noticed a competitor performing well across a wide range of search terms relevant to your industry, then there is a good chance that they have worked with an Tucson SEO Company in the past.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm and scanning for websites that provide greater value for its users. Google does not give preferential treatments to a website just because it has ranked #1 for SEO in Tucson for any given amount of time.

If you want to outrank and outperform your competitors in organic search, you need to implement an SEO strategy that beats the competition. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. There are three key ingredients to successful SEO:

1. Website age and trust
2. Website content quality
3. Website backlink quality

We can immediately help you with number 2 and number 3. Building trust takes time – the longer we are working with you, the easier it will be to perform well in the Arizona search market.

What Makes SEO Such A Good Investment?

SEO is the most cost-effective way to attract leads at scale. Unlike paid marketing mediums such as Google Ads or Facebook Advertising that require your constant budget, organic search will continue to benefit your business for years after you complete work.

At Safari Digital Tucson SEO Agency, we believe that sustainable traffic is the key to delivering long-term business growth. Instantaneous leads are great, but we are more interested in developing an online strategy that will sustain your Tucson business for years to come.

Irrespective of whether you are a small business or a large business, we focus on white hat SEO techniques that will benefit your business in three months, six months, and two years from now. Your customized SEO audit will help us to determine where the greatest opportunity exists in the Tucson market and what we can do to capitalize on that opportunity.

Can’t I Do SEO for My Own Website?

Of course you can. In the same way that anyone can build a house or service a car with the right tools and training – anyone can do search engine optimization for your Tucson Business.

At the time of writing, there is more than enough articles online to help guide you through the process. The biggest issue that you are going to encounter is the enormous volume of conflicting information around how to implement SEO.

Take it from one of the best Tucson SEO Agencies – learning search engine optimization is a full-time job. After almost a decade in the industry, we are still learning and changing what we do. The first Arizona company that we worked with was a learning experience. Many of the practices that we implemented for our first client are things that we would no longer do. Search engine marketing is about trial and error.

If you have the time to dedicate to learning every aspect of SEO and becoming a master, then perhaps you have what it takes to get to the top of the Arizona SEO results. If you want to focus on what you do best (running your business) then it is worth speaking with a professional who can help you with the process.

What Does a Tucson SEO Agency Actually Do?

An SEO Agency will work with your business to create an organic marketing strategy that will increase the number of leads that your business receives through search engines like Google and Bing. In practice, your SEO Tucson partner will implement a variety of on-site and off-site optimizations such as content improvements, technical optimizations, backlink building, and ongoing content creation.

A full-service SEO provider in Tucson will develop an SEO strategy in-line with Google Webmaster Guidelines that focusses on the four pillars of SEO:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On-site SEO
  3. Off-site SEO
  4. Content Marketing

Each website is different, and each strategy is unique. At Safari Digital Arizona, we will develop a customized strategy that focusses on the aspects of search engine optimization that are going to benefit your business the most.

Do You Offer Other Online Marketing Services?

We do not – sorry.

In our humble opinion, there are far too many digital marketing agencies in Tucson claiming to be the best at every facet of online advertising.

If you are looking for a digital marketing partner in Arizona who claims to be an expert in every facet of digital marketing, you’re in the wrong place. We stay firmly in our lane and focus on what we are good at – providing the best SEO Tucson has to offer.

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The Blueprint for Tucson SEO Success

Search engine optimization is a complex process. There are hundreds of individual elements that will influence precisely where your website ranks in the Tucson results pages. In SEO, we generally divide the actions into two distinct areas: on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Outlined below are some of the key areas we focus on when implementing an SEO strategy for your business.

On-Page SEO Strategy

On-page SEO or on-site SEO as it is also referred to relates to a serious of optimizations that occur on your website. These optimizations are designed to deliver relevant, easy to access information that ensures that Google can understand the context of your web page. Using this information, search engines can determine which search terms your website should appear for in the Tucson organic search results.

Page Titles

Page titles are like the chapter of a book – they convey exactly what the reader can expect to find when browsing through content. Like readers use chapter names to determine the content in a book, Google uses page titles as a critical determining factor when deciding which search terms are relevant to your web page. Page titles must provide a concise, appropriate, keyword-specific description of page content. The wrong page titles can be the difference between ranking #1 in Tucson and ranking #20.

Web Page Content

We shouldn’t need to say it, but the content on your web page is an essential ranking factor for Google. If you look through Google at any of the top websites in your niche across Arizona, you’ll notice that all have well researched, relevant content.

The latest research from Backlinkio found that the average content length for a mid to high competition keyword is 1,890-words long. Google wants websites that practice the E-A-T guidelines by displaying Expertise, Authority, and Trust. The best way to do this is to deliver well-researched content that helps you stand out from the Tucson crowd.

Content Marketing

Do you want to know the difference between a good SEO campaign and a great SEO campaign? It’s content marketing. Content marketing is the most effective way to broaden the scope of keywords that you rank for in Tucson.

Rather than focussing on transactional keywords with service or product pages, content marketing allows us to look at informational keywords that encourage top-of-the funnel users (early in the buying cycle) to consider purchasing from your company.

With most of the Arizona SEO campaigns that we run, we will create a customized content marketing strategy that increases brand recognition and diversifies leads. Providing valuable content resources for free to your audience is a compelling way to build trust and ensure that residents of Tucson know that your business is the leader in your industry.

Internal Link Strategy

Internal links play an integral role in conveying site structure, content hierarchy, and increasing index rate. Creating an internal link strategy is a fundamental approach to a holistic SEO Tucson strategy. It is also one of the most overlooked elements in a comprehensive on-site strategy. Our specialists will create an internal linking structure that significantly improves indexation rates on large websites and helps to convey the importance and hierarchy of each web page. Furthermore, interlinking between pages is also an effective way to get your Tucson users to navigate to different pages on your website that they may not otherwise visit.

Meta Data

Meta Tags, meta descriptions, Robots meta tags, alt text, canonical tags, and H-tags are all important Tucson SEO ranking factors. Metadata is a series of invisible tags that provide search engine crawlers data about your page to website visitors and search engines. Meta elements are invisible to your website users once they are on your site but play an essential role in ensuring that they can find you in the results pages when searching for your goods and services from right around Arizona.

Technical SEO

A range of technical factors influence how your website appears in the search engine results pages. Our Tucson technical SEO experts take the time to understand what your site needs and how to create a technical framework that enables you to appear for your desired search terms. Some of the most important factors that our technical SEO consultants will consider include:

• Site security
• Load time
• Page experience metrics
• XML sitemap
• Broken internal links
• Broken pages
• Broken incoming links
• Duplicate content issues
• Schema markup/structured data
• Website accessibility

There are dozens of different factors that our local Tucson SEO experts will check when auditing your website. Using this data, we implement tangible improvements that enhance on-site user experience and search engine accessibility.

Off-Site SEO Strategy

Off-site or off-page SEO refers to the optimizations that occur off your website. At the time of writing, the split between on-page and off-page SEO in the way that a website ranks on Google is roughly 50/50. That means around 50% of the way that your website appears in the Tucson search results is determined by what happens off your website. Think of off-site SEO as the process of gaining approval and recognition from search engines like Google. Some of the essential elements that we focus on for off-site include the following.


If you have done any reading about SEO, you will invariably have heard about backlinks. Here’s what you need to know – backlinks are the most important off-site SEO element in getting a website to rank well in the search engines. To gain trust from leading search engines like Google and Bing and outrank your competitors in Tucson and the greater Arizona area, you need high-quality website backlinks.

It’s important to remember that not all backlinks are going to be beneficial for your website. As we mentioned before, a significant reason that the websites that were ranking well in your industry in Tucson three to four years ago are likely much lower in the SERPs is because of the changing nature of backlinks. Some of the most crucial backlink factors to consider include:

• Website traffic from the referring domain
• The domain rating or authority of the referring domain
• The number of times that website links out to other websites
• The link text that is being used in the backlink
• The trust of the website sending the link

Search engines are becoming more sophisticated in the way that they understand link patterns, and recent updates such as the Google Link Spam update have made it more difficult than ever to “game the system”. Our Tucson SEO specialists focus on building white hat, long-term links that will benefit your website for years to come.

Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)

Do you want to know the key to building trust with Google? Consistency!

Name, address, phone number (NAP) links refer to links from directories, business listing sites, and industry sites that your website may be featured on. These links must reflect the Arizona state that you live in (Tucson), the address of your business, the phone number, the social media profiles, and the general contact details.

NAP links will not be the difference between ranking #20 and #1. Still, they are an excellent way to build foundational links and to help prospective customers and clients in the Tucson to find consistent business information online.

Competitor Analysis

Want to beat the competition? First, we need to study them and understand exactly what they are doing. Competitor and market analysis are essential in helping your Tucson excel through the search engine results pages. Before we can put together a customized strategy, we conduct a comprehensive research of your competitors in Arizona to understand what they are doing and what we need to do to outperform them.

We conduct on-page and off-page analysis to understand which web pages, content marketing pieces, backlinks, and technical optimizations push the needle for their Tucson company.

Monthly Reporting

Measuring the effectiveness of our services and understanding what is working (and what is not) begins and ends with consistent reporting. We use third-party tools and Google insights to understand how we can continue to improve the SEO Tucson strategy that we are implementing.

Your monthly SEO report will include custom KPI metrics; however, some of the metrics that we use in all reports include:

• Month on month traffic data
• Year on year traffic data
• Organic clicks
• Organic impressions
• Organic click-through rate
• Conversion rate
• Top ranking pages
• Top ranking keywords
• New backlinks acquired
• Content added and updates implemented
• Ongoing tasks that are being completed

We don’t use a generated report that fires off at 12.01 am on the 1st of the month. Our Arizona SEO experts create customized reports using the metrics and KPIs that matter most to your business. Once we have completed your report, we’ll book a meeting to go through it together to understand how we can continue to grow.

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